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This is an advanced course in Excel skills, especially for business and finance students. You should subscribe to the introductory course if you have no background in Excel. 

The course covers topics such as Excel PivotTable, Dynamic Arrays, Statistical Functions, Simulation, Excel Solver, GoalSeek, DataTable, Simulation and Nonlinear Optimization. The content is been updated frequentyly.


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Excel PivotTable Prof. H. Zhang

In this part, we discuss Excel PivotTable. We will start by the basic building blocks of using PivotTable. Then we discuss how we can use PivotTable for business analysis.

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Dynamic Arrays (Coming Soon) Prof. H. Zhang

Statistical Functions (Coming Soon) Prof. H. Zhang

Simulation (Coming Soon) Prof. H. Zhang

Nonlinear Optimization (Coming Soon) Prof. H. Zhang

Exercises (Coming Soon) Prof. H. Zhang

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